Does oil quality matter


You probably already know that changing your car's oil is an important step in its maintenance. A good goal is to have it changed roughly every 5,000 to 6,000 miles (or, in some cases, sooner) in order to keep your car running smoothly. However, were you aware that the quality of the oil you use is also important? Some engines have specific requirements, and it's possible to use the wrong oil for your car's engine. Keep reading to learn more about the different types and qualities of car oil!

  • Modern Oil
  • There are different grades of oil available. Make sure to get the higher quality oil by looking for the API service symbol (shaped like a donut) or the API certification mark (shaped like a starburst). SM is the highest rated oil, since it's engineered to improve the engine's rust-resistance and helps prevent buildup within the engine. So, be sure to look for these qualifications.

  • Oil Types
  • There are two main types of oils on the market: conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is commonly the less expensive option, but it's usually fine to use in most engines. Some engines, however, require synthetic oil specifically, such as those in luxury or performance vehicles. What, then, is the difference between conventional and synthetic oils? Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil goes through several refinement processes that makes it better suited for more fine-tuned engineering. There are also blended oils, and these are typically made for engines with unique needs, such as turbocharged engines or those with high mileage.

  • What's Right for You?
  • Always check your owner's manual for the right type of oil for your vehicle. It's a great tool for learning about the unique needs of your vehicle. Also, you can rest easy knowing that our service technicians know the exact kind of oil your vehicle needs, even down to the specified weight.

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